Top 10 Best Root Apps For Android 2018

“ Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems.  It basically lets the user installed applications to run privileged commands that are unavailable to devices in stock configuration. “

There are many advantages of rooting your Android .

  • Support for various themes which can be applied to sections which are not allowed for other unrooted users . For example : you can even change the color of your battery icon.
  • Once you have rooted , you will also have full control on kernel which allows the underclocking and overclocking of the GPU and CPU.
  • It allows you to install custom ROM which gives you additional level of control on a rooted device.

Let us talk about some of the best root applications for Android.

There are many popular root apps like Lucky Patcher which is well known by almost everyone. In this article, we will be discussing about different articles.

Top 10 Best Root Apps For Android 2018


Once rooted , most of the people try to get rid of the bloatware . With system app remover you can uninstall anything you want . you can rename them , move them organize or reorganize or even get rid of multiple apps at once. It backups the data of your apps if you remove them. This then allows you to easily restore them .


You must be noticing that your battery is draining out very quickly. Many times out of your knowledge , apps are running in background and consuming your battery.But you can hardly do anything about it . Well, servicely is new to the root app scenario where its makers promise to expose those apps which drain out your battery. You can also suppress them with the help of this app. So, servicely will kill the unwanted running apps in the background or else notify their misbehavior to you. This app is the best way to increase your battery life without purchasing a new one. Servicely is FREE.


It allows you to bunch together various software . These software can be ZIP folders , reboot images , kernel ,boot images etc . This app allows backups and restore function through which you can upload your files to cloud services like box , Google drive , Dropbox etc . This degree of modification otherwise without rooting requires rebooting the device in recovery mode . This app will help you customize in a great way.


Many Android phones don’t offer software options for rebooting your device. Quick Boot is root app which is invented for this same purpose . With this app you can quickly power cycle your handset .You can also boot your bootloader , phone’s recovery menu . It will give you update about network and hardware of your device .


It is very heartbreaking when you accidentally delete your any of your photo and regret . But once your device is rooted this regret cannot last . With Disk Digger you can retrieve your photo. It won’t cost you anything . It will recover or undelete your photos from both your internal and external memory even if you reformat the phone .


Many times some carriers block wireless hotspot or rather they try to charge extra for it . With this app , if your Android is rooted , you can set up your hotspot for other devices like your tablet , laptop etc and use your network to connect with them . It allows you to tether other devices through Bluetooth and WiFi. This app is totally free and supports encryption .


Most of the times it is very irritating as some of your apps can track your browsing history and habits of past. Adblock plus an amazing root app blocks the advertisements when you visit sites and also suppresses them in sites such as Facebook and Snapchat. You can whitelist the apps again individually. The app also shows the ones which have been declared as harmless .



It is one of the most versatile root apps till now. It allows various functions which unrooted phones can never have. It enables basic equalizer tweaks to enhance various frequencies and bass . But the supported devices might change for this app frequently.


Have you ever forgot your WiFi password? It feels so restless when that happens . I can totally understand. By using your root privileges , you can easily get to your forgotten password of secured hotspots which you used earlier on the device . It is not a crime. It cannot crack other networks and also no other device can crack your passwords . It is all assured and stays in your rooted device.


It is yet another app which helps you to save and increase your battery. Other apps might allow you to uninstall bloatware and unwanted services . But , this app is even better .It doesn’t ask you to uninstall the background apps or automatically delete them . Rather greenify is designed to put those apps into the mode of hibernation when you are not using them . This is the main feature that you can always use those apps which consume your battery later on .

Now , when you have learned about the best root apps for Android start downloading and using them. Have a great and enriched experience ahead .


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